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Jul 17 The Wesleyan

The Wesleyan, Winter 2023

The 2023 Winter Edition聽 of TW is packed with exciting stories. The Celebration theme highlights the first six months of our exciting Centenary year.

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Mar 30 School News, Sport

一本道app the PSA Tennis competition

Wesley College has won the PSA’s Tennis competition, taking home the Corr Cup for 2023!

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Mar 7 The Wesleyan

The Wesleyan, Summer 2022 | Centenary Edition

The special Summer 2022 Centenary Edition聽 of The Wesleyan is packed with exciting stories. We reflect on 100 years of daring and doing.

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Dec 20 Opinion

一本道app ATAR Record!

Wesley College’s Class of 2022 has achieved a median ATAR of 90.1 鈥 the highest median ATAR achieved in the College鈥檚 history.

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Nov 16 Athletics, Opinion, School News

Wesley Tops the Test Tally

No school has produced more Australian Test cricketers this century than Wesley College, according to a News Corp report.

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Nov 7 Announcements

一本道app Most Innovative School award!

Wesley College has been named as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Schools, for the third time. How it started and how it鈥檚 going鈥 100 years ago this week the first stones were laid in the building of Wesley College. Now, a century later, we鈥檙e proud to announce that 鈥 today 鈥 we have been presented…

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Jul 18 Opinion

Why I Joined CEOs for Gender Equity

Wesley College has long been invested in equality. But our Head of College, Mr Ross Barron, joining CEOs for Gender Equity, sends a clear public message about our beliefs. Here, he explains his motivation.

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Nov 1 Opinion, Parenting Tips & Advice

Taking a stand against vaping

Wesley College is proudly leading the charge against vaping. Under the guidance of Mrs Sophie Carroll, Director of Student Wellbeing, and Mr John Taylor, Assistant Head of Senior School (Pastoral), we鈥檝e embarked on a mission to tackle this issue in our Middle and Senior Schools.

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Aug 24 Interviews & Spotlights

Unlocking Personal Style at the Wesleyana High Tea

Our Wesleyana Club stepped into the world of personal style at this year鈥檚 Wesleyana High Tea with special guest Juliet Cuerden, founder and creative director of Broochella. Personal style is a form of self-expression, a way to communicate without words. It’s the art of curating a wardrobe that tells the story of who you are,…

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Aug 7 The Wesleyan

Don’t feed the plants!

A blend of charm and comedic chaos delighted audiences in Wesley production of Little Shop of Horrors. Our Arts students set new heights for what can be done in a school production with the rock musical聽Little Shop of Horrors. The production captivated audiences with its unique blend of humour, horror, and unforgettable tunes – not…

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