Enrolling at Wesley College is easy. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Application Complete the online application form below. Applications are recorded according to the date they are received. Hard copy applications forms are also available upon request.
  2. WaitlistOnce you have completed an application form your child鈥檚 name will be added to the College鈥檚 waitlist at the entry levels you nominated. Once you鈥檙e on our waitlist we will keep in touch, letting you know about exciting events happening at the College and any Wesley news via email and The Wesleyan, the College magazine.
  3. Offer Two years prior to your child鈥檚 entry year the offer process begins. Offers are sent (in a letter) to families based on priority and date of application. The offer process continues right up until the beginning of the year your child is due to commence at Wesley.
  4. Accept When accepting a place at Wesley you will be asked to sign and return the offer documentation, together with payment of 50% of the endowment fee. The balance of the endowment fee is required within six months of your child commencing at Wesley.
  5. Welcome to Wesley! The year before your child is scheduled to start at Wesley we will start preparing your family for the exciting year ahead. You will be invited to attend parent information evenings, student testing and orientation days and community events like the Masters and Apprentices Exhibition or Christmas Carols at Wesley.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the current school year, please contact the Enrolments Office on 08 9368 8032.